Southside Bandits Inc. and Young Bride  artist poster
Southside Bandits Inc. and Young Bride

Southside Bandits Inc.
A dynamic Latin fusion rock ensemble originally from Chicago, Southside Bandits Inc. was established by the collective talents of Amparito Martinez, Miguel Gama, Joey Nava, Julian Harris, Eddie Torres, and João Fernandes in 2022.

The group's music expertly merges a variety of genres, such as blues, bolero, mariachi, cumbia, bossa nova, rock, and jazz, to create a rich and distinctive sound palette reflective of Chicago's diversity.

Young Bride
A Chicago-based indie rock band, Young Bride is recognized within the local music community for its deep lyrical content and engaging melodies.

With two recent releases in 2023 titled "Nightmares" and "Lightyears Away (demo)," available on Bandcamp, the band continues to engage audiences at live venues, including an upcoming performance at The Tonk with Southside Bandits Inc. on February 17.