Butterfield Creek artist poster
Butterfield Creek

Butterfield Creek, hailing from Chicago's Southland, is a versatile 4-piece ensemble that brings a fresh twist to Americana music, seamlessly blending acoustic rock/pop classics with traditional bluegrass, new-grass, and country songs, alongside engaging original compositions.

Featuring the outstanding Rachel Lewis on lead vocals, the group showcases quality musicianship with Larry on upright bass, Mike on the banjo and mandolin, and Steve on guitar and mandolin, while enriching their sound with harmonious lead and backing vocals.

Known for their dynamic performances across traditional venues, festivals, apple orchards, farmer's markets, and private events, Butterfield Creek also embraces educational opportunities, offering music at libraries and cultural centers.

Their passion for music and storytelling is evident in every performance, making them a sought-after act for a variety of events, celebrated for their ability to curate memorable experiences tailored to each setting.

Friday February 24
8:00 PM